Quickly Respond to Market Demands with Modern Applications

Increase efficiency and enhance productivity with innovative solutions built for the cloud

Canned software solutions can only take you so far. To truly lead your industry, you need something your competitors don’t have. By partnering with Core BTS, you will gain an agile software development partner who has experience innovating and delivering solutions within tight timeframes and on budget. We’ll do it right the first time.

Here are the top four reasons our clients keep coming back:



Creativity, technical expertise, and breadth of experience come together to deliver innovative solutions.



Modern architectures unleash new capabilities, including the ability to adapt quickly to market demands.


Ability to Deliver

Clients trust us to deliver robust, secure, quality software on-time and in-budget.



We deliver software iteratively, with full transparency and with the ability to adapt.

Core Delivers the Full Spectrum of Modern Applications

(with built-in security, cloud enablement, and project management)


End-to-End Enterprise-Level Cloud App Modernization

Your business has a lot of apps. Do you containerize them? Refactor them? Rewrite them? The answer could make all the difference to your bottom line. We will consult with you to determine what stage of the cloud journey you’re in and which of the following app modernization offerings will drive the most value for your organization:

Web Applications

We can deliver a performant, secure, and scalable web app that integrates with your existing environments for a hybrid – yet still modern – solution with an enjoyable user experience.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

We can deliver everything from a marketing app to a complicated, scalable, and data-intensive business app. We handle the entire lifecycle of your mobile application including design, usability testing, technical architecture and development, integration with back-end systems, deployment, and ongoing support. We can deliver solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. And we can build your app in Azure to take advantage of its many features like auto-scaling.

API Development & Integration

Well-architected APIs are key to maximizing your tech investment. We’re experienced with integrating custom and off-the-shelf APIs to give our clients improved performance, reliable scalability, and one source of truth.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Whether you are looking to digitize documents with OCR and search, creating a bot for better user interaction, evaluating images in computer vision, or augmenting a system with machine learning, we provide the breadth and depth of AI / ML knowledge to help you succeed.

Our Agile Approach to Delivering Modern Applications

At Core, we create delivery teams to best serve our clients. When you entrust Core to lead a project, our agile approach includes budget, schedule, and scope discipline.

agile delivery approach

Azure Expertise

azure api management

API Management

azure app services

App Services

azure service bus

Sevice Bus

logic apps

Logic Apps

azure cosmos db

Cosmos DB

azure functions

Azure Functions

azure search

Azure Search

azure kubernetes

Azure Kubernetes

azure data factories

Data Factories

azure sql database

Azure SQL Database

azure ad b2c

Azure AD B2C

azure key vault

Azure Key Vault

Azure Technologies

Front End

  • API Management
  • App Services
  • Redis Cache

Back End

  • Service Bus
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Search

Monitoring / Execution

  • Azure DevOps with Continuous Deployment
  • Application Insights

Data / Storage

  • Cosmos DB
  • Blob / Table Storage
  • Data Factories


  • Azure Search
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Bot Service


  • Key Vault
  • Azure AD B2C

We are proficient in dozens of additional technologies