Bulletproof Your Business & Evolve Your Security Foundation

To be successful, organizations must create a culture of security. From enabling digital workplaces to protecting critical data assets, we help organizations put security at their core.

  • Align security strategy to business objectives
  • Apply Zero Trust architecture
  • Improve security posture and mange third party risk
  • Manage the entirety of the security lifecycle
  • Minimize downtime
  • Obtain and maintain compliance
  • Protect technology investments
  • Securely enable business transformation

Core BTS is proud to be a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion Organization, dedicated to promoting a safer, more secure, and more trusted Internet.


of CEOs intend to mandate Cyber Resiliency / Risk Management by 2025.

Yet, 77% of organizations do not yet even have a documented security plan.

Minimize Organizational Risk with a Holistic Approach

Over the last few years, the pressure on IT teams has grown exponentially. Between the rollout of 5Gincrease in cyberattacks, and the rise of remote work, security has never been more critical. We minimize your security risk by implementing end-to-end solutions aimed at four strategic areas of risk: 


Preventing unauthorized access into applications is of the utmost importance. This becomes increasingly difficult when you have lack of visibility into the third-party applications the business is using - or are faced with an aging app portfolio.

We help clients get control over their entire application portfolio and lifecycleensuring apps are hardened and features like authentication, encryption, and logging are enabled.


With digital transformation comes an overwhelming amount of data. Coupled with new reporting regulations and increased consumer awareness about data privacy, and you have a challenge on your hands.

Whether your data is stored on-premises, in the public cloud, or both, we can help you secure your estate and put the appropriate backups in place. 


The network perimeter no longer exists, and users, devices, applications, and data need to be secured wherever they are at.

By implementing a zero trust strategy, we help you ensure every endpoint is protected and network access request is strongly authenticated, authorized within policy constraints, and inspected for anomalies before access is granted.

Learn more about zero trust here.


From pin numbers to email addresses, the average enterprise has millions of digital identities. To truly reduce your cyber risk and thwart identity breaches, you must think beyond single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

We work alongside clients to implement next-gen solutions that properly provision identities throughout their entire lifecycle. Because by properly securing and protecting all identities you can remove one of the biggest variables in security defense: the human factor. 

Featured Capabilities

The cybersecurity landscape is rapidly evolving. It takes a combination of tools, technology, and talent to keep paceWe provide you with the staff and the skills to manage your environment so that you can accelerate digital transformation, guard against attackers, and realize maximum ROI. 

Secure Agile Cloud

We work alongside our cloud experts to ensure your cloud roadmap is secure by design. Through strategic workshops and discovery sessions, we define your unique cloud adoption governance model and build secure landing zones. Then, we work with you to manage and maintain your environment following established policies, proceduresand security controls. 


The average cost of a cyber-attack in 2020 was $3.86 million. Even if you have cyber insurance, the cost of downtime and lost business cannot be recovered.​ The only way to combat this challenge is to implement a holistic security program that protects end points, detects vulnerabilities, and automates threat response.

Watch our Cybersecurity Mythbusters webinars on-demand.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

We help you maintain strong processes and principles that enable efficiency and meet compliance and regulatory requirements. If you need a complete picture of your security landscape, contact our team to discuss a risk, identity, or cloud security assessment. 

Identity & Access Management

Safely enable productivity by giving access to the right information to the right people at the right time. We help you verify users, revoke access after employee terminations, and automatically track activity.  

Network Infrastructure

Whether you have a public or hybrid cloud environment, we can help you secure your perimeter, safeguard your data, and protect your people so that you are secure from the inside out. From firewalls to VPNs, we’ve got you covered.

Secure Workplace

Our new age of work poses great risk, as users float between networks, devices, and working spaces. Our secure workplace solutions help you protect your people and your data so you can support employees who are working from the office, home, or on-the-go. And with 24/7 security monitoring via Core BTS managed services, you can be prepared for any disruption.

Secure Solutions

Defend Against Modern Threats

Our holistic solution offerings combine technical consulting with managed services to form comprehensive security programs that reduce risk, accelerate threat response, and decreases total cost of IT ownership. All while improving your security posture. All Core BTS security solutions are aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity framework and CIS controls, giving you the power to defend against modern cyberattacks using industry best practices. 


Assess & Secure 

Enhance your security posture. First, we identify security gaps and organizational risk. Then, we develop a roadmap that puts you on a strategic path towards improvement.

Monitor & Manage 

Take your security operations to the next level. From threat hunting to patching, we provide day-to-day monitoring and management to keep your environment protected.

Prepare & Respond 

Proactively address evolving threats. We work together to deploy technical solutions that help you defend against adversaries and accelerate response to threats.