Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, CoreConversations is an AI that offers robust scalability and advanced capabilities, ensuring unparalleled performance and efficiency, while keeping your data private and secure.
Elevate how your business leverages data to drive success.

Your Company’s Data Has Entered the Chat

Most companies leverage only a small fraction of the insights from vast amounts of their data. Deploy proprietary conversational agents with Core BTS to make it faster, easier, and more natural for your employees to quickly access the answers they need.

Unlock the full potential of your company’s data with proprietary conversational agents custom-built by Core BTS’s data and analytics team, and developed by our expert software engineers using your unique datasets. Engage in real-time, encrypted chat conversations to access vital insights securely and efficiently.

CoreConversations employs advanced AI to scour your data for actionable insights swiftly. Simply pose questions to the AI and receive immediate, data-driven answers that facilitate smarter decision-making and process optimization.

Ready. Set. Secure.

Designed for maximized observability, scalability, and security, CoreConversations helps your company keep pace with technology and one step ahead of everyone else. Take advantage of a wide array of quickly advancing features and benefits.


Responsible AI You Can Trust

Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI, our approach offers organizations and technology teams full observability of the model’s behavior and performance. This means we’re able to constantly iterate and improve accuracy to help maintain accountability, ethics, and transparency in responses.


Unique to You

Everything about our approach makes this chat experience unique to your organization from the datasets that are leveraged to the tone of voice deployed.


Built for Scale

No matter the size of your organization, CoreConversations is designed to grow with you. Featuring flexible architecture, the platform seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources and applications to meet current and future demands.


Strong Security and Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your company’s private data is protected through our industry-leading security measures and compliance standards. The data never leaves your control and will never be used to train future AI models.


Immediate Access to Insights

Employees can ask CoreConversations questions using natural language, making it simpler to access specific data insights without needing advanced technical skills or understanding complex database queries.


Enhanced Decision-Making

By providing real-time data interactions, CoreConversations helps decision-makers receive timely insights, which can lead to more informed and quicker decisions.


Increased Productivity

Reducing the time spent on data extraction and analysis means employees can focus more on strategic tasks. CoreConversations can handle routine data queries and generate reports, freeing up human resources for more complex problems.


A Smooth Process from AI to Z

Core BTS can design and deploy a robust Conversational AI platform for your enterprise in as little as eight weeks. Our customizable initial proof-of-value (POV) package includes the following components.


Foundational Platform

A fully functional RAG-based (Retrieval Augmented Generation) AI platform deployed on Azure infrastructure that’s ready to input, process, and analyze data in near real-time.


Connection to One Data Source

Seamless integration with a single data source of your choice, providing a starting point for continuous input of data streams for analysis and generation of actionable insights.


Customized User Interface

A tailored user interface built on Azure, designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and preferences.


Delivery Timeline

We’re committed to delivering the complete platform within as little as eight weeks from start to finish, ensuring optimal time-to-value for your organization.

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