Free Resources


40 Agile Transformation Pain Points (and how to avoid or manage them)

Whether you’re new to agile or experienced with it, this 55-page eBook will help you skip the pain accelerate your agile transformation.


The Guide to How to Use Microsoft's Power Platform

This 23-page guide will demonstrate how your users can use the Power Platform to easily access, analyze, act on, and automate your data.


How to Be Productive Working Remotely with Microsoft Teams

This 11-page guide contains tips on how you can navigate the complexities of remote and hybrid teams to keep people engaged, encourage team culture, and more.


Power BI Governance Primer (Data Tips & Tricks)

This 27-page guide provides an overview of governance topics vital to your organization's implementation of Power BI.

White Paper

Embracing A Zero Trust Strategy

The old “network perimeter” is gone. Now, human users, devices, applications, and data need to be secured wherever they are. In this white paper, you will learn of a modern security model that's tailored to these realities.

White Paper

Transform Network Infrastructure with Software Definition

SDN and SD-WAN allow IT professionals, network administrators, and corporate leaders to gain the efficiencies that make their network more productive.