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Who We Are

We are strategists, problem solvers, and do-ers. We thrive off challenge and simplify the complex. 
We ask questions and propose new ideas. We create business technology solutions.

Executive Leadership Team


Kevin Thimjon

Chief Executive Officer
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Eric Weber

Chief Financial Officer
Nathan Trail

Nathan Trail

Executive Vice President, Sales
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Gina Logozar

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
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Jason Eickmann

Senior Vice President, General Counsel


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DeAnne Anderson

Director, Revenue Operations
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Tony DeFeciani

Senior Vice President, SLED
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Bob Sensenig

Area Vice President
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Laura Kidd

Director, Healthcare
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Michael Mara

Managing Director, Architecture & Solution Design

Zachary Miller

Principal Director, Architecture & Solution Design
Michael Overton

Michael Overton

Sales Director
Daniel Glassman

Daniel Glassman

Sales Director

Ben Gilkey

Sales Director
David Hess

David Hess

Sales Director
David Navratil

David Navratil

Sales Director
Kevin Conlan

Kevin Conlan

Sales Director


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Joe Bellian

Senior Director, Microsoft Programs and Licensing
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Bill Volovnik

Vice President, Cisco Alliances

Delivery Leadership

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Eric Willard

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services
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Sunil Ahuja

Senior Vice President, Global Delivery
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Lincoln Russell

Vice President, Innovation
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Mark Petroff

Managing Director, Modern Applications
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Jeff Richards

Managing Director, Service Support
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Rachel Rieck

Managing Director, Business Enablement
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Rick Delserone

Managing Director, Managed Services
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Jeremy Silber

Managing Director, Modern Work
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Eric Vandenberg

Managing Director, Data Analytics & Data Platform
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Justin Waterson

Managing Director, Operations

Andy Glassley

Senior Director, Innovation

Corporate Leadership


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Stacey Doherty

Senior Vice President, Marketing
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Steve Susina

Director of Marketing, Demand Generation
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Doreen Zipay

Senior Director, Marketing


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Jaime McGowin

Senior Vice President, Finance
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Katy Perrotta

Vice President, Corporate Controller
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Patti Jeffries

Director, Purchasing
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Benjamin Golden

Director, Sales Operations Support

Brooke Jordan

Assistant Controller

Liz Quinn

Assistant Controller

Human Resources

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Denise McVey

Director, Total Rewards
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Whitney Furth

Director, Learning & Org Development
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Dan Publicover

Director, TA


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John Orr

Vice President, Information Technology
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Brian Williams

Director, IT

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A company is only as good as its people. We are always interested in meeting talented individuals who want to grow their career and use technology to transform business.