Data Solution Gives Global Manufacturer Insight Into Their Business, Ability to Be More Competitive

A global manufacturer of health and hygiene products needed to consolidate product data and associate it with CRM accounts. But, with over 1 million partial or incomplete data records, their manual process to join data would not suffice. The manufacturer needed to simplify and automate data matching in order to reduce error and enhance business processes. 

Due to Blue Chip's rich history of working in the manufacturing industry, and Azure analytics expertise, the manufacturer elected us as their IT partner for this engagement. Together, Blue Chip would help the manufacturer develop a custom application using analytics and data modeling.

The goal was to build an application that facilitated the consolidation of data from multiple sources into a single location.

 This included, but was not limited to:

  • Aggregating sales data from multiple sources into a single repository 
  • Matching sales data to specific CRM accounts 
  • Identifying and grouping duplicate sales data based on identified fields

With the help of Power BI, Azure, and custom-built dependency clusters, Blue Chip was able to successfully integrate disparate data sources in a meaningful way. Now, the manufacturer has an agile app that provides data-driven insight into their business, distributors, and consumers. Armed with that power, they can make data-based decisions that drive revenue, enhance customer experience, and beat out the competition.