Global Fast-Food Restaurant Increased Collaboration and Communication with Custom Intranet Solution

A global fast-food chain based in Ohio adapted their restaurant ownership model to reduce corporate ownership and increase franchise ownership. As a result, the demand for communication and collaboration between corporate headquarters and franchise owners increased.

Unfortunately, their existing intranet could not keep up. Its interface needed a refresh and upgraded user experience. Site search and navigation had to be enhanced, and social elements needed to be added.

The fast-food chain reached out to Blue Chip Consulting Group to help build a new intranet that would make it easier for people to be more productive and collaborative.

Leveraging Office 365 and SharePoint Online, as well as supporting technologies like Azure and Yammer, Blue Chip designed a custom corporate intranet and social platform.

The new intranet is a robust tool that enables users to quickly communicate, collaborate, and advocate for the company brand. It has intuitive navigation and search that makes it easy for users to find information. Its contemporary and responsive designs ensure users can access the intranet from any device. The intranet is also integrated with Yammer and external social media channels so that users can build a sense of community and drive conversation.

The intranet was deployed to 10,000 users and has given the fast-food chain a next-generation tool to support the organization as it increases the number of franchise-owned restaurants.

30% Percentage Increase in Traffic to Intranet
75% Percentage Increase in Intranet Content Engagement
50% Total Number of Users Who Belong to a Yammer Group