Detroit-based Health Network Automates Workflows with SharePoint

In healthcare, every minute counts. Giving just one minute back to a physician, nurse, or clinician can increase the quality of patient care.

A Detroit-based health network discovered that they could give more time back to their employees by redeveloping their company Intranet and Policy Portal.


The outdated portals made it difficult for employees to find relevant content and information. The poor user experience and out-of-date interface of the existing systems made it difficult to navigate and access desired information. The existing Policy Portal was not automated, resulting in disjointed workflows and approval processes. To top it off, both the Intranet and Policy Portal lacked intuitive full-text search, making it hard for employees to find essential information and policies. By upgrading both portals, employees could spend less time looking for information and more time with patients.

So, the client reached out to Blue Chip Consulting Group to help them build a new Intranet, develop an enhanced Policy Portal with automated workflows, and optimize their enterprise search engine.

Together, Blue Chip, the client, and a design partner, identified the requirements of the new Intranet and Policy Portal. 

From there, discussions on content migration strategies took place and a project timeline was developed. Then, Blue Chip got to work.

Leveraging SharePoint 2013, as well as supporting technologies like Active Directory and PowerShell, Blue Chip architected a custom corporate Intranet, as well as a Policy Portal with an approval workflow.

The new Intranet is up-to-date, has improved navigation, and empowers end users. It makes it easy for leadership to deliver timely and accurate information to employees via a modern web-browsing experience. Through Active Directory, IT has the ability to grant users permissions to edit and upload content for their own departments. This means that the burden of content editing no longer lies with just IT and Marketing – the responsibility is spread across the organization.

The modernized Policy Portal helped the client manage their complex policy approval workflow. Thus, increasing efficiency and streamlining the process. In addition, users can now tag policies based upon policy type and category so that the relevant policies surface in the portal’s search results.

Backed by an enhanced enterprise search, the new Intranet and Policy Portal helps the client's employees save time looking for information and gives them more time with the people who matter most, their patients.

5,880 Number of policies migrated to new Policy Portal
8 Number of business units who had content migrated to new Intranet
30,000 Total number of employees at organization