Commitment to Change

The Actions Blue Chip is Taking to Address Racial Injustice

Like many of our clients and partners, we have spent the last few weeks asking ourselves what we can do to address racial injustice and how to support our African American and Black communities. While we acknowledge that we do not have all the answers, we are determined to be a driving force for change. That starts with strengthening our own commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Here are the immediate actions we are taking to do that:

Providing educational programming that ignites and supports conversations about race, bias, allyship and self-reflection.

On June 3, we shared a series of online courses with employees, uniquely designed to foster conversations about topics like race and bias. As we move forward, we will invest in additional training resources and educational programming for our employees.

Establishing a comprehensive Blue Chip Diversity and Inclusion Program.

As of today, Blue Chip has established a Diversity and Inclusion Program. Supported by an employee committee, this program will help Blue Chip drive sustained equity and ensure accountability across the organization.

While these are initial next steps, Blue Chip is committed to creating long-lasting and meaningful change. We strive to foster an inclusive work environment that encourages all employees – no matter their age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nationality – to perform at their highest level in a safe space that allows them to authentically celebrate diversity.

Racism, prejudice, and hate have no place at Blue Chip. We will act with diligence to ensure that our workplace is safe for everyone and have asked that every person at Blue Chip make a commitment to be a leader for positive change.” – Jim Peelman, CEO and Managing Partner.