Media Prioritization Matters

Media Prioritization Matters

Media Prioritization Matters

If you are working from home, you may be experiencing network saturation or slow performance, especially when using video.

Typically, this is a result of media prioritization. Media prioritization is the ability to decide which devices or applications get bandwidth priority. If your video conferences are slow but other media in your household is performing well, it may be because they're receiving bandwidth priority.

Most home internet routers allow you to determine what gets priority in your home. Thus, giving you the ability to “throttle” specific web traffic. In other words, you can prioritize your video conferences over your child watching the next episode of Tiger King on Netflix.

If you are using Microsoft Teams and want to ensure your application gets bandwidth priority, try the following:

  • Open TCP ports 80 and 443 outgoing from clients that will use Teams.
  • Open UDP ports 3478 through 3481 outgoing from clients that will use Teams.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth for deploying Teams.

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Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall is a Licensing Specialist at Blue Chip Consulting Group. He oversees Blue Chip's Direct CSP program and works with clients to optimize their Microsoft licensing position. Ben brings over 28 years of strategy and licensing experience to his role. His expertise includes creating innovative and relevant buying strategies for software assets and licenses, establishing the basis for cost savings within a global enterprise, Software Portfolio Management, and Software Asset Management.